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Reseller Updates

Tech Release - April 28, 2020

New Review Platforms

We’re adding new review platforms for Reputation Manager, Competition Tracker, and Testimonial Collector. See the new platforms available in each tool below:


Competition Tracker

Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews are now integrated with Competition Tracker.

Testimonial Collector

- Now you can sort the Get Reviews section after importing or adding a new recipient.

- Filter and search capabilities added to the Get Reviews section.

- We’ve added a timestamp for "Last Sent" and "Total Sent" in Get Reviews.

Report Card

This powerful marketing tool allows users to get a report on their online presence. The report card measures three areas: Local Listings, SEO, and Mobile. It gives users an overall score and a breakdown of the individual sections.


Resellers can customize their report card and generate an embed code using this backend tool in their dashboard. Once they have an embed code, they can add it to their website. Users will submit their information via a form to receive their report.